Elevator Shoes – Height Increasing Shoes for Men


Why do we put so much stock and effort into our clothing choices? Obviously, we do this because we know that a person’s initial impression of us will be a lasting one, and so we carefully cultivate an image, a public persona, if you will, which we believe represents us in the best way. Some examples of this would be men wearing shirts which make their chests and shoulders appear wider, or people wearing vertical striped clothing to appear slimmer. 

One piece of clothing, which goes often overlooked in just how much it can affect our lives, is our footwear. Aside from how our shoes look, and how comfy they are, most people don’t spend that much thought on their shoe choices. But we really should! Shoes can affect our physical health, our performance, and even how we look to the world and one of the best tools to do this are guidomaggi elevator shoes.

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Elevator shoes are essentially heeled shoes, which add lift. Below, we’ll go over some of the benefits of wearing elevator shoes, and some of our top picks!

The first and most obvious benefit of elevator shoes is their added height. Depending on how much of a lift the shoe has, you can have a variety of different heights in your shoes. This can be especially handy if you like being taller than your partner, and they are also wearing heeled shoes. This isn’t a problem for everyone, and by no means do you need to be taller than your partner, but if this is important to you, a good pair of elevator shoes can help! And don’t feel embarrassed by this, celebrities like Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise do this!

In addition to the added height, elevator shoes are also purported to improve posture of the wearer. It’s believed that the design of elevator shoes forces you to stand more upright, rather than hunching over. It makes sense that shoes could improve your posture, because we know the back and the feet are intimately tied together. Just ask anyone who’s run a marathon how their back is feeling after! 

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Both improved posture and increased height can also improve your interactions with others. Taller people, and people with better posture, are subconsciously seen as more confident. And we know that people who appear more confident are often treated with more respect. 

So now that you’re sold on the idea, check out some of your favorite brands like guidomaggi.it and see if they offer elevator shoes. If not, some quick Googling will get you some top quality results fast!

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