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So excited to roll out our brand NEW SERIES: common design mistakes and how to effectively fix them. I’ll be showing you top mistakes I see time and time again and offer my solutions on how to fix them and get you going in the right direction.

This series will cover everything from kitchens and bedrooms, to living spaces, dining rooms, bathrooms, and home offices. If there are any other rooms or design details you want to see common mistakes for, please leave me your suggestions in the comments below.

In order to save time, money, stress, and truly get the most out of your dream kitchen, try to avoid making these costly mistakes.

Space Planning: function first and planning the work triangle! 2:10
Choosing Appliances and Logistics: where does everything go? 7:43
Storage and Customizations: storage and custom interior fittings 12:45
Materials, Finishes, and Style: countertops, tile, flooring, fixtures, hardware 15:15

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Doorways and Walkways
• Doors: 32 in wide (80 cm) minimum
• Passageways through the kitchen (without doors): 36 in wide (90 cm) minimum

Work Triangle
• Sum of the distance between cooktop, refrigerator and sink: 27 ft (820 cm) maximum
• Each stretch of the triangle: between 4 ft (120 cm) and 9 ft (275 cm)

Countertop Space
• Countertop space: 150 total in (380 cm) minimum
• Lower cabinets depth: 24 in (60 cm) minimum depth
• Space between upper cabinets and lower cabinets: 18 in (45 cm) minimum
• Prep sink: 24 in (60 cm) minimum on one side, 18 in (45 cm) minimum on the other side
• Cooktop: 12 in (30 cm) minimum on one side, 18 in (45 cm) minimum on the other side
• Refrigerator: 15 in (40 cm) minimum countertop to the side
• Separate oven: 15 in (40 cm) minimum countertop to the side
• Cooktop on Island: 9 in (22 cm) minimum beyond the burners
• Backsplash: 3 in (8 cm) high minimum

• Dishwasher: 36 in (90 cm) maximum from the sink
• Dishwasher distance between any adjacent appliances, cabinets, or other obstacles: 21 in (50 cm) minimum
• Hood: 30 in (75 cm) above stove or according to manufacturer instructions.
• Microwave under countertop: 15 in (40 cm) minimum clearance to floor
• Refrigerator: 15 in (40 cm) minimum clearance above
• Prep Sink: 24 in (60 cm) minimum

• Stools: 30 in (75 cm) wide per stool
• Bars at Counter Height (36 in/90 cm): 15 in (40 cm) for legroom
• Bars at Bar Height (42 in/105 cm): 12 in (30 cm) for legroom
• Space behind stools and chairs to wall: 36 in (90 cm)
• Space behind stools and chairs with walkway: 48 in (120 cm)


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Edited by: Kelly Nguyen for Julie Khuu Interior Design
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