All Diamond Painting.Com: A Heaven For Hobbyists


Among these difficult times of pandemic worldwide, people need creative activity and hobbies. Painting is a hobby that improves creativity, reduces stress and benefits our health. Painting allows us to cut off from world affairs and get drenched into a fantasy world.  

During my childhood, I have had a flair for appreciation of arts and animation. Having some decent skills to do illustrations and sketches with significant detail.

Design And Layout:

 I recently came across the website “All Diamond Painting.Com”. Being immediately taken off and attracted to the unique color theme. The website was a good fit for the nature of the products being offered.

The design of the website is very easy to use and responsive. Featured diamond art products are listed on the main page. Featured products like exclusive diamond art collections and art products are easily accessible from the start.

Layout of the website is nice and inviting towards new users. New products, best sellers are accessible without wasting user time. Decent amount of attractive graphics are used as it complements the art products. The website has a certain uniqueness towards all of its services and art products. 

The website logo is very colorful. The logo portrays the diamond shape giving it a unique look and aspect. The applied website color theme pallet is very fitting and cool. Navigation is easy to go about as new users will be right at home. The navigation buttons are easily accessible and within reach all the time.

Popular sections of the website being collections, custom diamond painting kits are listed on the top header section. The links are easy to click and approachable. For a better elegant look, drop down links on a single ribbon header tab would be fitting.

The website loading speed is very fast and there are no issues of broken links on the pages.


The website’s focus is very clear: new users and artists will immediately be right at home. Users will not have to waste time as they will immediately start looking for the desired artwork. The website has an attractive no bullshit and let’s get down to business approach.

The website has an adequate amount of introductory articles regarding diamond art. Articles covering how to diamond paint, tips and guides are available on the website. Beginner guides will be quite helpful to artists and hobbyists visiting the website. Guides and tips can help artist’s choose best suited diamond art products.


The website links provide adequate introduction and product information. The website page links are responsive and not broken. The header section provides buttons for user account, product search and shopping cart.

The header section also provides information for currency selection during shopping of products. The footer section has all the links to the major pages of the website. A wish list is available for the most demanded products on the left of the website on all pages. Site map is present in the footer with all major page links. Important links being FAQ, Tracking orders, how to diamond paint etc.


The website accomplishes its main purpose of attracting and selling Disney Diamond Painting Art. The website also has subscription plans for maintaining its customer base. The website provides extensive details about its dedicated artists contributing towards art. The information provided for the products is accurate and updated.

Content Uniqueness:

Unique products like 5d diamond painting kits and special diamond kits are available. Fascinating LED diamond paint kits and custom kits are also part of unique products. The website also offers painting supplies to its customers.  The website offers 15% off as well as various discounts on several products on the online store. The website offers subscription plans for the ultimate diamond painting collector.

The website explains the hobby of diamond art painting and what is part of the diamond art painting kit. The various benefits of diamond art painting on our health and mind.

Contributing Artists Towards Diamond Art:

The website offers insight towards its various contributing artists. Terry Gilecki, Richard Mravik, Jonn Einerssen, Lee Bogle being some of the contributing artists.

The “Our Artists” page offers insights and details about the various contributing artists. Barbara Behar, Eric Wilsonk, Jean Guillet all have diverse expertise. Each artist contributes with a unique art style including wildlife, color wonders etc.

Exclusive Diamond Art Products:

The website offers unique, innovative artwork. Custom Diamond Painting Kits like Cartoonizer, Impressionist, Polyart and Mosaic being examples. The website offers services like converting photos into diamond art paint kits.

The website accepts our custom photos and sends us our unique diamond art paint kit to paint. Products in the store are displayed using filters like abstract, animals, best sellers, birds etc.

Navigation to your desired artwork is quick as you can sort products alphabetically. Other options of sorting products like bestselling or price wise are also available.

The website offers various discounts like 30% off for American state shipping. Discounts are applicable on various categories like Christmas, Diamond painting supplies etc.

Glow in the dark painting, Album cover, bookmarks and art supplies are also discounted.

Diamond Art Supplies:

Various products like unique Diamond Painting Supplies, drills, magic cleaner etc. are available. Wooden tray, pen holder, Diamond storage bags etc. are quite helpful to artists. Supplies help the hobbyists and beginners to get through extended art sessions.

Helpful Reviews:

The website offers user reviews to provide feedback of the products being offered. The reviews are very positive and show the level of dedication and quality being offered. Having a five star rating shows the level of satisfaction from the customers. Having 100% satisfaction shows the level of commitment offered by the website.

Diamond Paint Guides:

The website offers Ultimate Guides For Diamond Paintings exclusive for beginner artists of diamond art painting. These beginner help guides and tips are quite useful for newcomers and hobbyists of art. Their 

The Shopping Process:

The art products have clear details and descriptions listed in the store. All details including art items, shipping info, warranty and price are mentioned.

The store is very easy to understand and also lists various benefits of the art products. The store mentions various shipping details of different countries worldwide. The store also offers a 60 days money back refund if products are not delivered.

The shopping process is due to SSL encryption. SSL encryption ensures secure sale of the desired diamond paint artwork. Interest-free installments are also available from $50 to $1000.

Gift cards are also available for giving gifts to family, friends and loved ones. Special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween etc. are perfect for giving gift cards.

The website offers a help section to track orders for its products. The website also has a dedicated section for Story, FAQs and contact information.


All diamond is highly recommended. The website offers excellent prices and discounts and a great collection of artwork. Artwork ranging from different categories like flowers, animals, cartoons provided by dedicated artists.  Unique articles to help the beginner artist out in understanding diamond painting art. Range of diamond art exclusives and supplies provided by the store. Heavenly store for the ultimate beginner artist or hobbyist. 

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