7 Signs You Should Hire a Waterproofing Service in Australia


Waterproofing is important for every home. It is one of the fundamental aspects of home construction because it will ensure the structural integrity of the building. Unfortunately, many forgot about waterproofing until the damage was done. 

Even if your home has been waterproofed before, you need to check from time to time your home for any problems so it can minimize and even prevent damages related to water leaks. 

Here are seven signs you need to check before you find waterproofing central coast services for your house:

Presence of moulds

Mould thrives in areas that are damp and dark. Dampness is a sign of moisture or water leak somewhere in the house. If you notice moulds in the basement or ceiling, you should immediately prevent them from spreading to other parts of the house. 

Moulds can cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions. There are certain types of moulds, when exposed to spores, which can cause serious health problems; thus, only professionals should do the mould removal.


The rust in the basement is a clear indicator of water leaks, and you should get it assessed immediately. Check the area thoroughly to make sure no structural integrity is compromised, and the safety of everyone is ensured. 

Rust is an early sign of the need to be waterproof. Please do not waste time once you’ve noticed some rust because it will lead to more damage later. 

Worker applies bitumen mastic on the foundation

Musty odour

Your space at home shouldn’t have a musty odour, especially in areas that are prone to moisture and water. The odour is often caused by mould or mildew and should be addressed as soon as possible. 

Moulds grow very fast, and it can be challenging to put them under control when it already spreads around the house for around three to eighteen days. A musty smell is the first indicator for these fungi growth.

Water Spots

One undeniable sign of water leaks is the presence of water spots on walls or ceilings. Your drywall will turn to a yellowish colour when it is exposed to water. You can usually see these spots in areas that contain pipes. 

These spots or stains may feel soft when touched, which indicates a water leak. Stains can be an eyesore, but repainting it won’t fix it. You need to address the real issue before repainting those walls.

Water puddle

A puddle in your lawn or pooling in the basement is not a good sign. You need to call a plumber to assess the situation, particularly look for water leaks. 

On the other hand, the presence of a puddle in your lawn is a sign of poor drainage, but it is also an indication of poor water flow that can affect your inside drainage or plumbing. Aside from a water puddle, an overgrowth on a specific part of the lawn can be a sign of leaks.

Wall Cracks

When water enters into small leaks, it can cause severe cracks on the foundation. As the water leaks into the foundation, it can trigger a slight shift in the foundation. You may not feel anything, but your walls will react to the shift, thus creating cracks on the wall. When you see these cracks, contact a professional immediately. 

Sparkle in the Basement

The concrete drying does not cause sparkles in the basement, but minerals after the water have dried from evaporation. 

Waterproofing Service2

This mineral deposit is another sign of possible leaks in your basement, where it suppose to be dry and free from moisture. If you weren’t able to detect the water source, book an appointment so the professionals can assess it. 

Why You Need Waterproofing Service

Waterproofing your home is a way to protect it from damage and extend the longevity of your property. It should be done while the house is under construction. However, there may be instances where you need to redo the waterproofing once you notice the signs of water leaks around your home. 

Moreover, waterproofing is a way to ensure the safety of everyone in the house. The presence of moisture will attract the growth of bacteria and affect the quality of air inside the house. Long-term exposure to mildew and mould will create respiratory problems, particularly among children. It also triggers severe allergic reactions in some people.


Whenever you see signs of water leaks, get the service of a reputable waterproofing company as soon as you can. Delaying will only create more significant damage that will increase the cost. When it comes to water damage, the earlier the intervention, the better it will be. 

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