How do I Clean Cast Iron Cookware After Cooking?


There is an abundance of cast iron cooking products on the market, ranging from a standard skillet pan to the highest-quality Crumble cookware which includes Dutch ovens. 

If you have cast iron cookware you’ll know that they benefit from being seasoned and that they transform the taste and flavor of your food, while making it easier to cook. Of course, this leads to a further issue, how do you clean cast iron cookware?

Cast Iron Is Durable

Cast iron is heavy and durable. You can use any utensil you like with it because nothing scratched it or dents it. But, just because it is tough doesn’t mean that you can clean it with anything. It’s important to clean the pan without damaging the seasoning layer or the metal itself. 

Fortunately, it’s easy to do.

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Wipe When Warm

Cast iron gets hot to the touch and you’ll need to let it cool before you start washing it. But, while it is still warm you can wipe the cookware with paper towels. This allows you to soak up excess oil and any pieces of food left in the pan. 

The beauty of this is that you can dispose of the paper towels and it stops oils from going down the sink and clogging the drains.


You’ll need to wait for the cookware to be cool enough to handle before you can rinse it. But, once it has cooled sufficiently put the cookware under hot water and gently push any traces of food off. You can use soap during this stage if needed.

However, to protect the seasoning you should avoid scrubbing with anything abrasive or metal-based, such as wire wool. This will damage the seasoning and potentially the cast iron.

Oil It

Finally, heat your pan on the stove after drying. This will help to ensure all traces of moisture have been removed. You will then be able to lightly coat it with oil. Smearing the oil in place with a paper towel is the easiest option. You can then let it cool completely and put it away until next time. 

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Stubborn Stains

In most cases, the above will get rid of any food debris and leave your pan looking fantastic. But, if there are stubborn deposits that don’t want to move you may need to do more in-depth cleaning. 

This means rubbing the pan with steel wool to dislodge any dirt and debris. You shouldn’t need any water and this will also remove any rust. 

You can then wipe out the dirt and rust with a dry cloth. It is then necessary to heat the pan for five minutes with a little oil in the bottom. Once the oil has warmed at a little salt and create a paste in the pan. You’ll be able to use a cloth and rub this across the pan to remove any other stains. 

It is then possible to wash it as described above. But, once finished it is a good idea to season it again.

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