What distinguishes a Dresser from a Chest of Drawers?


Furniture is no more merely a utilitarian item that serves a purpose, but rather a statement piece that enhances the attractiveness of the interiors. A dresser and a chest of drawers both serve the goal of storing one’s stuff on a high level. However, aside from organization, the solid wood dresser and chest of drawers may simply light up the area. 

A chest of drawers is taller and narrower than a dresser, which is shorter and wider and has more defined storage possibilities for clothing, linens, and other items. The main distinction is that dressers are horizontal (and frequently have a mirrored hutch), whereas chests of drawers are vertical. Dressers with mirrors are more ideal for spacious bedrooms than corner chests of drawers, which may be used to store anything in a bedroom, living room, or office.

A chest of drawers is exactly what it sounds like. When the top socioeconomic elite had a large number of slaves to manage their belongings, people used to bring trunks (chests) instead of bags. Rather than having everything in one giant pile, folks had chests that could be opened and used. A dresser, on the other hand, was never intended to be carried about as luggage, but rather as a location to get dressed for the day. Size and design (but not mobility) of chests of drawers evolved over time, finally turning into the upright chest of drawers we see today.

It’s critical to select a model that will fit in your area while also meeting all of your requirements. Explore growing variety of La Maison chests and dressers to meet and exceed your bedroom storage needs. We’ll go through all sorts of dressers and chests in this article.

Types of Dressers

A dresser, by definition, is a bureau with a mirror that may be used for grooming. Dressers are often seen in bedrooms and are used to store clothing, accessories, and make-up or grooming supplies. The following are the five primary categories of dressers:

  • Horizontal dresser

The horizontal dresser is the most popular form of dresser, with two to three long and deep rows of drawers. Horizontal hardwood dressers, also known as conventional dressers, contain two to three rows of long, wide drawers and occasionally a top row of many smaller drawers. A horizontal 6-drawer dresser provides enough of tabletop area for huge mirrors, storage, or display. A collection of preferred scents, a row of books, or a television, for example. A mirror that matches the aesthetic of the dresser is featured in some models.

  • Double dresser

A double dresser has two columns of large, capacious drawers. For a modern double dresser, two broad and roomy columns of drawers provide adequate storage space, making it an ideal double dresser with mirror for small spaces. In a tiny area, these dressers might be too much. Distressed white double dressers are popular right now for a laid-back cottage feel.

  • Combo double dresser

A combination dresser has one or two cabinets linked to the side or in the center, allowing you to stay organized. These are similar in size to a conventional dresser and have dresser drawers as well as wardrobe doors that open to expose shelves or a place to hang clothing. A combined model is perfect for keeping more than simply clothing in a drawer. Bulky goods such as scarves, bags, caps, belts, and shoes will easily fit through the dresser’s tall doors.

  • Wide dresser

Because of its breadth, wide bedroom dressers offer excellent storage options. These bulky super wide dressers include three, six, or more drawers, as well as serving as an appropriate platform for your television and a fantastic focal point.

  • Tall dresser

Tall bedroom dressers range in height from 26 to 44 inches and are slender in design. They feature drawers piled one on top of the other, in a single column, for the most part. For homes with limited space, a tall dresser with 5-6 drawers is ideal.

white chest drawers

Types of chests of drawers

Dressers and chests of drawers have similar functions, however chests of drawers are narrower and taller to accommodate storage needs. They have a frame with many drawers set in a single column. Chests of drawers are classed as vertical chests, gentleman’s chests, lingerie chests, media chests, and bachelor’s chests based on the contents housed in them and their construction.

  • Vertical chest

Vertical chests, also known as standard chests of drawers, are tall and thin storage items. If your bedroom is cramped, a chest is a great way to store your things, albeit it will take up less space than a dresser. They have a less amount of storage capacity. They may be combined with dressers or cabinets and are suitable for use in the bedroom; many couples like this arrangement.

  • Gentleman’s chest

The tall cabinet area of the gentleman’s chest can be utilized to hang suit coats, dress pants, ties, and other items. Because the cabinets and drawers contain facilities to hang suits, coats, pants, and store rolled ties, this antique dresser is called for its storage purpose. A gentleman’s chest resembles a combination dresser. A gentleman’s chest, on the other hand, is tall, whilst a combination dresser is thin.

  • Lingerie chest

In comparison to other lingerie chests of drawers, this one is taller and slimmer. It’s used to hold underwear, socks, and nightwear, as the name implies, and it may help you organize these items in different drawers. A lingerie chest may also be used to store tiny goods such as make-up, and skincare products, among other things.

  • Bachelor’s chest

A bachelor’s chest is a compact, narrow chest with three to four drawers designed for a single individual with low garment storage requirements. The 3-drawer bachelor’s chest is the most popular form, with optimal measurements of 34 inches in height and 21 inches in length. Some bachelor’s chests are tiny enough to double as nightstands.

  • Media chest

A media chest is a type of entertainment center with open shelves for cables, remote controls, and other media and gaming equipment. A media chest for the bedroom is often taller than standard media cabinets, making it an ideal choice for binge-watching movies and TV shows from the comfort of your bed. Movies, remote controls, additional wires, and other items can be stored in drawers.


A dresser or chest of drawers is an essential piece of furniture in your bedroom, since it serves as both storage and decoration. These are the most important yet most frequent items of furniture in a bedroom. The benchmark for storage functionality has been set by these two game-changing case parts.

A dresser is low, lengthy, and ideal for individuals with ample bedroom space. A chest of drawers is a tall, slender piece of furniture that is suitable for tiny bedrooms. If space isn’t an issue, a matching dresser and antique chest set is the most effective method to create a unified room motif with plenty of storage. 

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