Kitchens Renovations Ideas And Inspiration For 2022


Kitchens have always been a vital part of houses. This statement couldn’t be more accurate right now. After enduring the last two years inside the home owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, homeowners developed a new respect for these gastronomic areas. Because this area is the soul of every house, they deserve to look their best.

It’s important to arrange your kitchen in a way that reflects your style. However, keeping up with current design trends may provide useful information on how to do kitchens renovations.

What’s new in kitchen designs?

Kitchen design trends for 2022 will continue to carry on the trend established last year. This includes a focus on storage, natural-inspired elements, and improved lighting and fixtures tech. Enhancing practicality above aesthetics is the primary focus of this year’s designs, complementing the effortless elegance of the natural style.

The following are some of the most popular kitchen design trends and inspirations to help you plan your next kitchen makeover. These trends focus on making your kitchen more functional and efficient while providing substance and sophistication that will endure a long time. That said, here are a few kitchen designs in 2022 from which you can take inspiration for your kitchen rebuild:

  • Sink workstations 

For the last two years, it has become clear that every room in the house, even the kitchen sink, must perform multiple tasks. This year, sinks will undergo a big overhaul.

According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) research, a double sink is the most desired kitchen fixture. These sinks are desirable because you can use this for many chores at once, such as meal preparation and dishwashing. Moreover, there is a range of options available to the homeowner. These options include different sink sizes and levels and different faucet locations, and mounting styles. (1)

Likewise, you can also go for workstation sinks instead of the standard stainless-steel sink. Workstation sinks provide an integrated ledge for kitchen utensils, pan racks, chopping boards, and organizers. Additionally, you can install numerous faucets for increased efficiency.

  1. Versatile lighting 

Lighting will have a significant role as kitchens continue to evolve into multipurpose rooms. In today’s world, it’s critical to have the power to customize your lighting to suit your needs. This might be as basic as allowing users to decrease light levels or as sophisticated as altering color intensity through an app. 

A report on design trends for 2022 predicts that app- and voice-controlled lighting will become mainstream. They will be as popular as conventional dimmers and motion-activated lights. Moreover, sconces with adjustable arms are particularly popular in kitchens. These lights, which may be hardwired, can be positioned anywhere required, bringing both lighting and flair. (2)

  • Rounded accents 

Organic style immediately rose to prominence as a top decor trend in 2021 and still has an impact on kitchen design this year. Many designers have now complemented this nature-inspired design with rounded embellishments. Moreover, you can anticipate a greater integration of curves and organic styles into kitchen settings, emphasizing coziness, quirkiness, and natural themes.

To create a grand effect, you can use arched windows and entrances and ceiling decorations that combine curves architecturally. Furthermore, there’s a trend toward combining curved and wavy decor components—for example, oval tables with round carpets or round chopping boards paired with curved ceramic serving utensils.

Modern kitchen details of granite counter, gas stove, and tile b

  • Glazed tile backsplash 

A tiled backsplash is not a new trend in kitchen design. However, matte finishes will be eased out in favor of glossy ones. Glazed tiles are simple to clean, but they also serve to reflect light throughout the space, making any hue seem better.

Richly colored tiles are also in this year. These tiles contrast well with the earthy tones of rustic wood and marble countertops. In addition, they provide a variety of textures to the room.

For a more subdued appearance, go for white glazed tiles. Its color will make the most of the natural light. Likewise, Moroccan tiles will also continue to be trendy. With their uneven surface and varied colors, these unusual glazed clay tiles infuse a design with dimension and handmade character.

  • Walk-in pantry 

For generations, pantries have been indispensable in the kitchen. Pantry concepts like pantry cabinets have solidified themselves as an essential piece in contemporary houses over the past several years.

In fact, a 2021 NHAB survey identified walk-in pantries as the most desired fixture in a kitchen. Moreover, when it comes to organizing their kitchens, homeowners aren’t pleased with merely finding a spot for everything. Having a pantry is a no-brainer. (3)

Having all the food items in one location means homeowners can be more efficient in grocery shopping. Another major benefit of a pantry is that it eliminates the need for a kitchen to be crammed with wall cabinets. With the walls freed up, it’s possible to hang an eye-catching piece of art or leave them blank for a homier atmosphere in the kitchen.

Bottom line 

Due to the pandemic, it’s no surprise that both large-scale and moderate kitchen remodels have gained popularity in the previous two years. With more people physically cooking at home, a myriad of kitchen design trends is emerging. This 2022 and in the coming years, expect kitchens to be more functional and customizable than ever before, owing to new ideas, materials, and technology.


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