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Rodents enter your homes for primarily two reasons: food and shelter. The large eyes, huge ears and pointy heads of rodents make them easily distinguishable. But they bring various diseases like hantavirus, plague, salmonella, rat-bite fever and tularemia. A rat’s urine and feces are also dangerous because they mingle in the air and pollute dust particles. Having mice in your house also lends it stale urine, an ammonia-like smell that you can notice most in cabinets, drawers and other related areas. Without hiring professional mice removal services, you will expose yourself to several of those previously mentioned diseases and even incur significant property losses since they can chew through almost everything. Although the experts will take care of the rodents’ removals, here are some tips you will find helpful.

What are some signs of mice in your home?

Before you can call professional rodent removal services, you must identify their presence in your home, and these are some signs you can rely on for that purpose. 

Droppings are one of the most reliable ways of finding out if there are mice in your home. They are usually ¼ inches in length. While fresh droppings are darker and glossier, older ones have a dry look. In contrast, rat droppings are slightly bigger and blunt at the ends. Mice defecate between 50 to 80 times a night and prefer dark spaces like cupboards, food boxes, kitchen sink, window sills and silverware drawers. 

  • Stale urine-like smell

Rodents urinate to establish and mark their territory. As mentioned earlier, mice urine has a stale smell resembling ammonia. If the odor is powerful, you have a lot of mice inside your home.

Mice 1

  • Regular scratching sounds

Mice prefer dark areas and will often build their nest in small openings on walls, floors, ceilings and roof spaces. Since they are nocturnal creatures, they are active between dusk and dawn. However, you might sometimes spot them during the day when they come out in search of food. Spotting them during the day could mean the problem is more severe than you think, as they are present in large numbers. You will often hear scratching sounds from your walls and ceilings caused by the rodents chewing on wiring, wood, plasterboard, or other material. 

Mouse tracks are a reliable indicator of their presence in your house, and you can identify them with a flashlight or backlight directed towards the infected area. Rodents leave behind tracks because of the oil present in their fur, staining drywall, wood and other items inside your home. Their paw prints are also relatively small, not more than half an inch in measurement, and while their front feet consist of four toes, their back feet consist of five. 

How can mice removal services help you?

Mice removal services consist of certified and trained technicians who effectively possess the required expertise to deal with the issue. The professionals will use tried and tested measures like a one-way door system, sealing roof and wall vents, reinforcing soffits and other areas, and thoroughly decontaminating the infected areas. If you face problems during the removal, they will provide you with liability and insurance coverage. They will also sufficiently decontaminate your property to prevent the chances of diseases. If you try removing the animal yourself, you might receive serious injuries, damage your home or face other unwanted consequences, which you could easily avoid by calling the experts.

These are some things you must know about mice and why it is good to call professional mice removal experts to deal with the issue rather than try it yourself. You will receive the results you want faster and ensure you are not troubled by their unwanted presence in your home again. 

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