8 Different Types of Cabins


Isn’t your depiction of a cabin comfortable, lakeside, and the most soothing small abode to get away from your daily life? The many sorts of cabin choices available might assist you in bringing your vision of your cabin to reality. There are several cabin designs to pick from, whether traditional or modern.

Cabins built of milled and handmade logs are the most expensive to build, but they may survive for up to a century. In this post, we will introduce you to the numerous types of log cabins and assist you in determining which is the best match for you.

  • Stick Built

Stick-built cottages may appear rustic on the outside, yet they are surprisingly complex. They are built with a stick and stud framework and might take a long time to build from the ground up. Stick-built cottages might be antique and rustic, or totally practical and contemporary.

Stick-built cabins, on the other hand, are costly to construct, with the kitchen alone costing an average of $15 per square foot. Prices vary depending on whether your log cabin styles are milled, handmade, scribed, or factory precut. One of the primary advantages of stick-built cabins is the ability to create a fantasy home out of lumber and studs and it is the future of Australian housing.

  • Full Scribe

Full scribe cabins are the most energy-efficient and have excellent structural integrity. The logs are joined horizontally by grooves that assist keep them in place. Any size cabin may be built-in complete scribe style, and full scribe cabins are frequently utilised as houses.

You can build a complete scribe cabin out of handmade logs rather than milled logs, but it will be significantly more expensive. It is critical to utilise woods that can prevent bugs and vermin that might weaken your logs, like red cedar. They are more expensive because specialists utilise power equipment to cut and write each log by hand, which is worth the additional expense.

  • Timber Structure

Timber frame cabins differ from lodges, full scribe, and milled cabins in appearance. The term is derived from the timber posts that serve as a frame and are frequently carved into squares. Siding, insulation, and drywall are frequently used to insulate and reinforce timber frame cottages.

As long as the timber frame cabin is sealed, you may significantly boost your energy efficiency. Timber frame cottages with characteristic trusses that provide character and are easily identifiable are widespread. Timber frame cabins may be customised, and it is customary to have them blend in with the surrounding forests.

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Milled log cabins are easily identified and have undoubtedly the most iconic appearance. Milled log cabins are strong buildings because the logs are trimmed to fit together exactly. Round logs are popular in milling cabins, although square logs can have an old-fashioned appearance.

In the fall and winter, you may insulate milled log cabins to maximise heat retention and keep cold air out. When you employ a contractor, you may have logs cut into a number of forms for a milled log cabin. The use of log siding in conjunction with milled logs makes it simpler to keep pests out while maintaining energy efficiency.

  • Modular cabins

Modular cabins are especially intended to be installed fast and inexpensively. There is just as much variation in the world of modular cabins as there is in the world of regular cabins. Modular cabins have the appearance of a regular on-site cabin, however, they are built off-site.

Off-site modular cabins are built, transported to the site, and installed in pieces by professionals. This may help you save money, time, and produce a product that is just as spectacular as traditional cabins. Once the site has been prepared, a modular cabin may be installed in 1-2 days by specialists.

  • Handmade Log

Handcrafted log cabins are what most people envision when they think of a traditional cabin. Handcrafted log cottages seem more rustic and old because of the distinctive and customised cuts. Because handcrafted cabins are far more labour-intensive, they usually cost substantially more.

There are no restrictions on the type of design you may choose for a handcrafted log cabin. Handcrafted cottages are appealing because they feel natural and conjure raw historical sensations. Instead of the traditional flat logs, you may update a handcrafted log home by using rounded or rectangular logs.

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Siding provides the best of both worlds in terms of aesthetics and usefulness. Log siding can be added to a cabin to save money on building or to add insulation and drywall. Many homeowners use the area between the logs and siding to add log siding to an existing cabin that requires additional insulation.

Log siding is also utilised in the construction of new cabins, and it may help to save money on supplies. This is especially useful for expensive timbers like red cedar, which may add a small fortune to building costs. Log siding may be used on both the inside and outside of your cabin.

Lodges and cabins are sometimes confused as distinct entities, although lodges are merely bigger cottages. Lodges, in general, vary because they are less of a location for dwelling and more of a place for entertainment. That isn’t always the case, as lodges are frequently utilised as year-round residences.

When it comes to lodges, there are no hard and fast rules, although they are often larger than a conventional cabin. Lodges that are available to anglers and hunters are popular, however, they are frequently private. Lodges can be built in the same designs as standard cabins, but due to their size, they are more expensive to build.

We hope that the concepts presented above will assist you in creating your ideal cabin for you and your family. We would strongly suggest you build an Eco cabin, as Eco cabin for sale since they have a high market value when you wish to sell them.

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