Exclusive Live Sale Incredible Deals on Unique Vintage Home Décor | June 14 @4pm et (1pm pt)

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Welcome to our exciting vintage adventure! In this video, we invite you to join our live sale and chat event, where we showcase a delightful collection of unique finds and engage in lively conversations with fellow vintage enthusiasts like you.

From fashion pieces that exude retro charm to home décor items that tell stories of bygone times, our collection offers something special for everyone.

During our live sale, you’ll have the opportunity to explore these remarkable finds and make purchases directly through our secure platform. Our knowledgeable hosts will provide detailed descriptions and insights into each item, giving you a deeper appreciation for their history and craftsmanship.

All prices DO NOT include shipping. I ship from Washington State 98204.

Jenneads (ships from Texas) – jenneads@verizon.net
#jenneads @jenneads_

Please Preregister by emailing me your YouTube name your real Name & address and PayPal email to sandyandotto@comcast.net

1. All items are sold Offer-Up style. Start price will be typed into the chat and shown on screen. If interested in purchasing item, place an offer in the chat. Highest offer will be shown on screen. Offers will continue until only the highest offer is still active, all other offers are out by typing the word “out” in the chat.

2. Count down of item will be shown in the chat – Going 1, Going 2, SOLD (G1, G2, SOLD). If an offer comes into the chat while the item is being counted down, the count down stops and offers open up again and will continue until the highest offer is only one still active. Then count down will start again.

3. No sniping, no just in case offers.

At the end of the sale:

Please email me at sandyandotto@comcast.net. I need your YouTube name, your actual name, mailing address, and your PayPal e-mail so I can send you an invoice. Also, if you remember what items you won please include the item #/description to help me double-check.

Once the invoice is paid, I will ship out your items within 48 hours.
Thank you for joining me! Hope you come back each week.

Join me for my live sales on YouTube every Monday @11:30am & @6:00pm et, Tuesday @11:30am, Wednesday @11am & @4pm et, Thursday @11:30am, Friday @11:30am & @7pm et and Saturday @10pm et.
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#sandyandotto @sandyandotto

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